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Thursday, April 24 2014 @ 02:56 PM EDT
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Welcome to 345th Tactical Airlift Squadron Website

General NewsWelcome to the 345 TAS website.

Please sign up on the left to gain full access to the website, please read "Getting a Password" below for more info. This includes viewing and adding photos and posting stories. Please upload pictures and submit stories related to the 345th TAS.

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For 345th Reunion Info

Stories To view the information regarding the up coming 345th TAS Reunion in May of 2014 please log in or sign up with a Name and a proper email address so I can contact you and approve you, If you don't you WILL be deleted.

When looking at the latest post for the registration form, please click the read more button at the bottom to see the Registration Form.
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Lost two more

StoriesThis week we lost two fine men, both Herk Flight Engineers.
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My adventures in the 345th

StoriesAssigned 345th 1971-1972. Spent about 60% of time in Vietnam. Flew around the country hauling highest priority loads to wherever they were going--schedule was meaningless. Just had to get back to Saigon before duty day ran out. Flew much VFR in the clouds with GCI giving advisories. Involved in CDS deliveries for three months, during which we lost 13 aircraft and 6 crews to ground fire. Got more acquainted with triple A than I wished to be. Drop zones were typically soccer fields surrounded by bad guys. We supplied them as much as we did the good guys. Had top cover from AF and Navy to roll in after we cleared and blow up everything outside of the DZ. Accuracy of our drops and their strikes left lots to be desired. After 3 mos. got birds in from states that could drop from 16,000 ft. with far more accuracy. I was one of six instructors and only one to survive that three month period. Dumb luck is as good as skill and cunning. But hey, I was making $12,000 a year! What a life. So many people have no idea what those times were like.
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Sam Mcgoldrick

StoriesGot this message from Dave Newell. "Radar, Can you help get the word out on Sam?? He's
very Ill and is currently on life support. Heart problems.
They were gonna start taking him off today. A bunch of
345th Prayers wouldn't hurt. Thanks. Dave Newell"

Let' all pray for Sam.
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Last C-130 E retired

StoriesLittle Rock Bids Adieu to Last Active Duty C-130E:
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Possible 345th Reunion in 2013

StoriesThis info from Mike Petrasko for your viewing pleasure.
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345th TAS Dallas, Mission Complete

StoriesWhat a weekend.
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Dallas Mission Brief

StoriesHere is the scoop on how the mission will be flown
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345th items for sale

StoriesSee the picture of the items in the photo section